‘Dear White People’ to return for second season

Satirical comedy broadcasts important issues for people of color

‘Dear White People’ to return for second season

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Lukas Levin

“Dear White People,” a show known for its outrageous humor and blunt truth about society will be coming back to Netflix May 4.

The popular Netflix comedy centers on a group of students of color who attend Winchester University, a fictional Ivy League school with a predominantly white population. Much of the show focuses on the injustices experienced by people of color in the United States.

The show is hilariously written and is relatable for all people. When I was first introduced to the Netflix series I was hesitant to watch it because I am a white man. But the show is very reflective of society today, in all aspects. The title of the show “Dear White People” makes sense because it is important for white people to watch.

Societal problems such as institutionalized racism are interwoven within the script. The comedy is about student life on a college campus, but a prominent theme of racism is shown through a group of students of color. Jokes about the issues the students face are subtle, just like real racism on campuses.

Each episode takes place from a different character’s perspective. This allows the audience to see how these different characters experience life on campus. Some of the problems focused on are confusing sexual feelings, relationship infidelity and losing friends. The important thing is these aren’t issues only black people experience.

These issues are problems everyone has trouble with. This shows how any viewer can relate to these characters despite background and skin color. So when the show vividly demonstrates the subtle racism of everyday life, it stands out and slaps the audience in the face, like a wake-up call, hence “Dear White People.”

This series is widely important because a lot of television centering around a cast featuring only people of color tends to be overlooked or not gain as much coverage as shows featuring white people. Almost anyone who watches this narrative will find a character to connect with.

I found myself becoming completely enthralled in each of these characters’ lives. I binged the entire season in just a couple of nights and have been waiting for the second season ever since.

This comedy is more than just a comedy. It’s a commentary and report on current events. It’s even been rumored that the second season will talk more about many of the twitter issues in the past year. “Dear White People” is an insanely funny and raunchy show and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys binging Netflix shows.