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Park holds informational sessions, tours

Freshman counselor Barb Nelson emails prospective families about informational sessions at Park. The first informational session will be Nov. 26 in room C350.

Molly Schochet and Isra Mohamed

November 2, 2019

Informational sessions and tours are important for those who are looking to attend Park in the future said ninth grade Counselor Barb Nelson.  “Every year there is so much interest from people coming from the outside. Whether they’re coming from private schools and live in (district) or public s...

Tour of the Nest

According to the Nest youth coordinator Ellen Pajor, the coffee shop is an easy and accessible spot for students. “We are open after school and on weekends.  That’s why we’re open after school, just to be a space where students can come and that’s accessible and near the high school,

Amaia Barajas and Jenna Cook

May 2, 2019

  The Nest is a coffee shop in St. Louis Park that was opened at the beginning of the school year. This infographic shows a deeper look into what the Nest’s goal is with the student body and the community as a whole.  

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