Park holds informational sessions, tours

Parents and prospective students learn about Park


Molly Schochet

Freshman counselor Barb Nelson emails prospective families about informational sessions at Park. The first informational session will be Nov. 26 in room C350.

Molly Schochet and Isra Mohamed

Informational sessions and tours are important for those who are looking to attend Park in the future said ninth grade Counselor Barb Nelson. 

Every year there is so much interest from people coming from the outside. Whether they’re coming from private schools and live in (district) or public schools outside our boundaries, they want to find out about (the enrollment) process,” Nelson said. 

Sophomore Shira Hanovich said her tour helped her get a better feel for Park since she was coming from a private middle school. 

“I went on the tour because I had never been inside the high school before and had no idea what I was getting myself into,” Hanovich said. 

Nelson said the informational sessions and tours are meant to display what Park has to offer. 

“We go through some general information about the school: graduation requirements, IB and  AP classes, and answer general questions,” Nelson said. 

Hanovich said until visiting Park, she was unaware of what a high school was like

“I hadn’t actually pictured what a high school looked like,” Hanovich said. “(After touring), I finally had an idea of what it was like and could compare (the experience).”

According to Nelson, tours are generally aimed at eighth grade families who have questions about Park.

“Normally (tours are aimed at) eighth grade and out of district families. People who are looking to move to St. Louis Park and have (kids in elementary school) also come to check out the high school,” Nelson said. 

Hanovich said she recommends tours for anyone who is interested in Park. 

“I recommend the tour.  All it does is just help you learn more about the school,” Hanovich said.

The first informational session of the year will be 8 a.m.– 9 a.m. Nov. 26  in room C350. If you would like to sign up for a tour or attend an informational meeting, click here.