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Impossibly delicious

New vegetarian Impossible Burger comes to Burger King Aug. 8. Impossible Foods works to cut back on meat consumption by offering plant-based alternatives.

Tobias Khabie

October 10, 2019

I was thrilled when I heard Burger King had released the Impossible Whopper, a burger with a patty that is 100% vegan. The patty is mostly made out of soy, potato protein, and food starch, among other ingredients. It’s made by a company called Impossible Foods, which was  founded in 2011 with a go...

Vegan Club wraps up year

Senior Vegan Club president Lara Garcia speaks to senior members Cecelia Brown and Bryn O'Gara during their meeting at Vibe Organic Juice Bar March 6. According to Garcia, it was the final meeting of the year.

Noah Orloff, Marta Hill, and Emma Leff

March 10, 2019

When senior Vegan Club member Delaney Wallerich reflected on the club’s final meeting at Vibe Organic Juice Bar in St. Louis Park, she said she enjoyed connecting with the other members over their shared passion for food. “I thought it was exciting that we could do something outside of school w...

City awards Vegan Club grant of $1,000

Senior Cecillia Brown hands a club member a vegan coconut cupcake. Vegan Club celebrated multiple birthdays and a new monetary grant this Wednesday on Nov. 14.

Katie Hardie

November 18, 2018

According to Vegan Club leader Lara Garcia, who is a senior, the club celebrated multiple birthdays and a new grant with vegan coconut cupcakes Nov. 14. According to club member senior Delaney Wallerich, this week’s meeting was all about celebrating the members of Vegan Club. “Today we m...

Senior starts vegan culinary club

Lara Garcia, Delany Wallerich and Cecilia Brown stand around a stove creating vegan rice crispies on Wednesday Oct. 31.

Samantha Klepfer and Isaac Wahl

November 14, 2018

According to senior Lara Garcia, ever since she decided to eat a vegan diet over a year ago, she has felt inspired to promote positive veganism within her own community. A club seemed like her way to do it. When asked why she became vegan in the first place, Garcia said it was primarily because of...

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