Current policies limit students

Administration to work on club policies

Amina Mohamud

Junior Joseph Clark and his friends tried to create an anime club, but after finding it very difficult became discouraged from trying to do so again.

Senior Destiny Hulke said she agrees with Clarke on how difficult the process is and believes it limits many students.

“I feel like there are too many loops and holes to jump through, too many obstacles and problems,” Hulke said. “It used to be simple, now it’s super complicated, like you can’t have this, you can’t have that and it can’t be religious.”

A lot of work is required to create a club and much of it involves timing and explaining the goals of the club, according to interim principal Scott Meyers.

“In most cases the approval or denial would be based on the timing of the application,” he said. “There is a little bit of a priority for a date but then there is also a priority for if your goals or your purpose can or cannot happen in school.”

Meyers says school administration is still working on club policies and have made many changes in the last few years.

“I think the implementation of the policies last year was confusing and frustrating to some people,” he said. “So that’s why we are taking a little bit of time this year to say, ‘I am still having conversations and so if people want to have a club they should come talk to me.’”

The new way people view club formation has caused new questions to arise, such as the hows, whens and whys, Meyers said.

“It used to be that clubs could be more of a conversation, and now it’s turned into a system,” he said. “The bigger population of students are thinking ‘I wanted to make a club but I don’t know how,’ and maybe they don’t even want to but they just want to know how.”

Hulke said she does not like these changes and would rather go back to having conversations, because she believes it allowed more opportunities.

“I feel with the conversation there were more loopholes, you could say ‘hey I want to have this club’ rather than being like ‘I have to do this, this and this in order to get a club,’” she said. “And so it is just way more barriers and way less opportunities.”