Echowan wake-ups provide new leadership roles

Staff looks forward to Distribution

Alec Pittman


Waking up at 4 a.m. to the news of her new position as design editor, sophomore Rose Colacino felt both scared and excited.

According to Colacino, the “wake-ups” were an enjoyable experience.

“I thought that the wake-ups were really fun because I wasn’t expecting it and it felt like an adventure,” Colacino said. “It was fun when we went all around Minneapolis and ate breakfast as a group.”

This year’s Editor-in-Chief Madeline Djerf said the wake-ups provide a unique way to welcome the new editors.

“It’s a fun way to surprise the new editors. It’s more special than just pulling someone aside and saying ‘you’re the new copy editor, you’re the new chief,” Djerf said. “It’s a time where everyone can be together and experiencing it together — it’s just a fun way to start the new year of Echowan.”

Colacino said she would like to increase the number of Echowan staffers and shape a different book next year.

“I hope to create a book that is different than all the other books,” Colacino said. “I also want to recruit more ‘wantons’ (Echowan members).”

Echowan adviser Julianne Herbert said she looks forward to seeing the new and old editors working together.

“It’s always exciting to see the new book start,” Herbert said. “I am excited to see the new staff work together as a team.”

Sophomore copy editor Eitan Grad said he felt honored to wear his costume signifying his new editorial position.

“They did a good job of making us funny to look at. My costume was a blue clown wig and a dress,” Grad said. “I guess I felt a little shy but was also very proud to wear the costume since it showed off all my hard work from the year.”

Djerf said the staff looks forward to distribution day.

“It’s exciting. The book is done so we’re just working on the last 16 pages for the supplement,” Djerf said. “It’s really weird seeing it all come together and be done. It feels like just yesterday it was October and we were working on first package stuff.”

Herbert said next year’s staff will be special based on the inclusion of both juniors and seniors.

“Every year’s team is different and has different strengths and areas for growth,” Herbert said. “This year’s staff will have both juniors and seniors working together. I am excited because this is the first time we have ever had that.”

Grad said he enjoys learning his new role of copy editor from the older staffers.

“The current editors are having us work with them so we can learn our new positions,” Grad said. “I am excited to work with the current copy editors and Erik Haroldson, who is the other copy editor next year. I am also excited to learn the job of a copy editor and to get more experience at editing different stories and quotes.”

The yearbook will be handed out distribution day, June 1.Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 7.59.34 PM