First day activities canceled

Day One lacks adviser

Lukas Levin

No picnic, movies or games on the first day of school is disappointing junior Khyla Bonine, who has grown accustomed to the beginning school year festivities.

“I’m upset, because (the activities were) a lot of fun and (made) easing into the school year a little better,” Bonine said.

Day One leader junior Doreen Moranga said, although students usually plan the first day of school activities, they needed an adviser. Because there is no Day One adviser this year there will be no activities on the first day of school.

“Actually this year I was (supposed to be) in charge, but decided not to do it because too much was going on all at the same time,” Moranga said. “And Danya Castro, our supervisor, left our school. Being in charge, (I) decided that it’s not happening this year.”

Sophomore Emma Yarger said she understands where the student leader is coming from.

“It makes sense if the student who is running (Day One) wasn’t comfortable without a teacher,” Yarger said. “If they could’ve found a team of students who could work together to run the club, then it probably would’ve been fine. I think I wouldn’t be able to do it without a teacher (either).”

Bonine said she doesn’t think the club and its activities should have been called off even without an adviser. I’m

“It (shouldn’t have) been canceled. It’s fun for the students involved and the events they put on really educate the student body on things going on; like the multicultural show,” Bonine said.

Bonine said, without the club’s activities, the first day won’t be as fun or interactive as in the past for freshmen and returning students.

“It won’t make the first day of school nearly as fun anymore,” Bonine said. “The first day is a very big deal, especially for freshmen, and this takes away the chance for them to have fun and meet new people the first day.”

Yarger said she believes returning students will be fine in the high school space, but it may be harder for newer students.

“Honestly, I think returning students will be fine because they know the school. Last year I was a freshman, so it was kind of nice just to have it be very casual, like no pressure, and it was really easy,” Yarger said. “It was just a really nice first day (…) everyone could figure out what was happening in the new space.”

Moranga said the club’s absence deprives new students of events planned by Day One.

“New students won’t be able to experience Day One like everyone else (did). Everyone else won’t enjoy (the club) like they have in the past,” Moranga said. “We organize the dancing and games played in the gym. We make sure everyone has (a) lunch ticket. And we also organize all the fun games that are played outside while lunch happens.”

Although Day One will no longer be a club, Moranga said she still wants to help with events like the multicultural performance that was removed last year due to Castro’s departure.

“I don’t know who will organize events around the school’s cultural diversity,” Moranga said. “But I’m hoping as school starts I can reach out to a couple of teachers who will be willing to help.”

Bonine said the cancellation of the club this year shouldn’t discourage students or staff to make a similar club.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.48.59 AM“The high school already allows the (activities the club) puts on so it wouldn’t be hard to get permission.” Bonine said. “Also, since the club was canceled, it’s going to get a lot more attention, which means more people getting interested.”