Schmitz optimistic about coming year

New opportunities inspire excitement

Annabella Strathman and Devin Raynor

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-1-05-36-pmWith a large number of students, various performances and new growth opportunities, band director Steven Schmitz said he looks forward to the upcoming year of band.

According to Schmitz, the band retained its large size from last year, which provides for a strong band.

“The last three years we’ve had a healthy number of kids. Either it’s grown or at least stayed the same,” Schmitz said. “That’s really nice because when you have more kids you tend to have better instrumentation and a little more depth to the team.”

Freshman percussionist Patrick Djerf said he expects high school band to be much different than band at the middle school.

“I think high school band will be a lot different than middle school band because we have it every day instead of every other day,” Djerf said. “That means we get to practice more and play more, so we’ll definitely sound better.”

Schmitz said that the two older bands, symphonic band and wind ensemble, also have a new opportunity this year to perform in a combined concert with the St. Louis Park Community Band.

“They’ll get to play with them side by side, hopefully get to meet an older person and be inspired that music doesn’t just end at 12th grade, but goes beyond these four walls,” Schmitz said.

Djerf said he looks forward to many aspects of band.

“I’m looking forward to becoming better at playing,” Djerf said. “I’m looking forward to pep band, which sounds like fun. I’m looking forward to playing new types of music.”

Schmitz said he enjoys seeing younger students improve and take on more advanced roles as the year progresses.

“I’m excited about growth opportunities, because we lost a record number of seniors, many of them very talented,” Schmitz said. “I’m looking forward to seeing younger kids step into those roles, which is really exciting for the team.”

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