36 Arts prepares for year

Club encourages expression through art

When participating in 36 Arts magazine, junior Chava Buchbinder feels excited in being able to show her creativity.

“It’s really important for us to be able to have creative outlets and so we each get to express ourselves in different ways. In our magazine, we have photography, poetry, short stories, really anyway people want to express themselves,” Buchbinder said.

Arts magazine adviser, Christoph Nordmark said students create a magazine featuring student art and host poetry readings.

“(36 Arts) is a literary arts magazine that we publish at the end of each year. What we do during the year is collect student art and writing, photos, all that stuff,” Nordmark said. “We hold poetry readings and art sharings and publicize it, using that as a way form some kind of a community or for kids and students interested in the sort of thing.”

Buchbinder said as she prepares for the first 36 Arts meeting of the year, she hopes to focus on the club creating artwork and hosting more events.screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-7-57-57-am

“We are going to start establishing general ideas about when the magazine is coming out and when we are going to have events,” Buchbinder said. “This year, we are also going to put more emphasis on us doing art, on top of us organizing art related things.”

According to Nordmark, club goals include publishing the magazine earlier in the school year.

“Every year we try to get the magazine out at least before June and it usually comes out in early June, but this school year is done June 2 or something like that so I think mid-May we’d like to have the magazine out,” Nordmark said.

Buchbinder said she contributes to the magazine in many ways.

“I help put the magazine together and I help host the events, but I do some photography and I do some abstract stuff,” Buchbinder said.

Buchbinder said anyone can be a part of 36 Arts. She said it’s not a huge commitment, and students can attend meetings when it is convenient for them.

“People can get involved in the club, you don’t have to sign up just kind of come; stop by. It’s not like you have to be totally dedicated to the club,” Buchbinder said.

According to Buchbinder, 36 Arts meets every Tuesday morning in C367, and any student can submit their artwork to C367 for inclusion in the magazine.


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