Fans impact team performance

Support rises in wake of tie

Atticus Raasch and Sydney Hall

Junior Brent Ryan remembers his first experiences going to boys’ soccer games with his friends, and has loved it ever since.

“I started going to the games last year,” Ryan said. “Ever since, I just really enjoyed watching them and kept coming.”

Ryan said the support in the student section gives the stadium a unique feel.

“I love the exciting atmosphere of the student section,” Ryan said. “Really just being able to hang out with my friends and enjoy the good game of soccer is why I come.”

Sophomore varsity soccer player Emma Yarger said she loves to show support because of the support her team gets in return.

“I’m on girls’ varsity and it’s really good support and great for the community that (the boys)  also support and come to our games too, it’s like a back and forth,” Yarger said.

Junior and boys’ varsity captain Anthony Brandel said a large student section provides a boost in moral.

“A big student section is a huge help,” Brandel said. “The extra support really helps give us an extra drive to do as best as we can each game.”

Ryan said he believes the team benefits heavily from all of the support.

“I think the student section helps the guys play a bit better,” Ryan said. “It gives a kind of support that lets them know their school is behind them, and that we’re here for them.”

Yarger said she is familiar with the effect a student section can have on a team.

“I know in one of our games we played a team whose student section was really loud, you could definitely sense the energy brought from that,” Yarger said. “Giving the players and your friends that energy is a really good and beneficial thing.”

According to Brandel, the team is disappointed, but able to play off of the tie, as well as support from fans.

“We were a pretty upset about the tie against Kennedy, we saw it basically like a loss,” Brandel said. “When we see that there are a lot of students who stand behind us, it pushes us to try harder to win the next game.”

The boys play their next game at 7 p.m. Sept. 22 at the stadium against Robbinsdale Cooper.