Semester finals cause unnecessary stress to students

Reassesing previous tested material is ineffective

Navjot Kaur

Cumulative exams contain material that has previously been tested on, making finals useless.

According to American Psychology Association, for a student to learn a concept they should be doing harder problems, instead of doing similar ones.

On the final test students prepare for problems they have already been tested on. These problems are not any more advanced and are not stimulating students’ thoughts.

The tests are given in a two-day span, for which the student needs to cram in many material at once.

When students are trying to learn and remember so much in a short time, they are not going to think about the material, just try to memorize it.

Multiple tests within two days can cause high amounts of stress for students. According to Yale researcher Marc Brackett, school becomes harder when students’ brains have to deal with a lot of stress.

Teenagers already have high amounts of stress from homework and extracurricular activities.

Having a test that weighs so heavily on a student’s grade will just add to that.

Teachers should give assignments that are more comprehensive than memorization. It can be a project where the student can show their true knowledge and not just try to remember vocab words.

Teachers can truly know what the student has learned. When the student is working on a the project, they will have to process what they are talking about and not just memorizing words.