ACT practice offered through Sylvan Learning

Free prep classes offered on Tuesdays


Ruthie Hope

A Sylvan Learning representative speaks to parents about the reults of the practice ACT on Jan. 5.

Hannah Leff

According to career and college coordinator Kara Mueller, Park offered a free ACT practice test to juniors on Dec. 19 through Sylvan Learning, a tutoring and college prep organization.

Mueller said Counseling intern Lauren Keyes runs an ACT prep class on Tuesdays after school for any student interested.

“The actual curriculum is from (Peterson’s) but who facilitates it is our counseling intern Lauren (Keyes) and so every Tuesday we pay for her to be the facilitator of the class,” Mueller said.

According to junior Rachel Laing, going to the classes obligates her to study.

“It’s a good way to prep for the ACT because if you go to the class it forces you to study for an hour every week,” Laing said.

According to Keyes, the class is taught through an online curriculum from Peterson’s, a college and graduate school prep organization.

“I think students come in thinking I’ll be standing at the front of the classroom and going over specific problems, but it is all online,” Keyes said.

According to Laing, the sessions are beneficial because of the resources they offer without any expenses.

“I think it’s helpful because you can take practice tests but also you can take these online courses where it reviews and teaches you each subject which is really helpful,” Laing said.

Keyes said after the first semester ends, the class will be on Thursdays and will be taught by Natalie Swiler, another Counseling intern.