Meet the Athlete: Cyrus Abrahamson

Alec Pittman and Atticus Raasch

When did you first start skiing? What drew you to it?

“I began skiing in eighth grade after I had been introduced to the sport in fifth grade when we went on a field trip. It’s super fun and relaxing. You’ll be out there and there’s no pressure to always compete super hard.”

How do you think this season went?

“I think it went well. We thought it would be bad because we lost a lot of seniors, but overall we did pretty well and got second in conference”

Who do you think stepped up as a leader in this past year?

“William (Phelan) definitely stepped up in a big way, and also Emmet Foner. They both increased their times and places insane amounts from last year. (I think ) part of that was the pressure of last year made them rethink how to train.”

What role will you play on the team next year?

“I think next year I’ll be more of a leader. We’re losing Jackson (Sokolowski) and William (Phelan)  is still a leader, but we still need to fill Jackson’s spot.”

What kind of qualities make you a good leader?

“I guess I’m confident and I really like to connect with the younger skiers.”

What kind of goals do you have for Nordic next year?

“I want to get probably top five or top 10 in conference, but then as a team I hope we can win conference and possibly go to State as a team.”

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

“I guess my highest point would be skate skiing, it’s definitely my strong suit, and then classic. My lowest would probably be classic compression.”