Softball team prepares for Sections

Players strengthen mentally for competition


Grace Farley

Sophomore catcher Maddy Schmitz catches the softball during team warmups before a game. Sections are set to start May 22.

Max Bechtold

Mindful of the nearing Sections tournament, softball head coach Bobby Crumpton thinks of how much progress the players have made through a challenging season.

“It’s been a tough season; I think wins and losses don’t show how strong the team really is,” Crumpton said. “They’ve gone up and down and been through a lot, but they’re capable of still doing great things.”

Senior captain Anya Lindell Paulson said she thinks the team has done better than it has in any other year she’s been on varsity.

“We’ve been improving better overall than in the past, and this season has been my favorite because of that,” Lindell Paulson said.

According to Crumpton, the team goal is to win Sections and make it to state.

“The team to beat in sections is Hopkins, who are having a very good season,” Crumpton said. “I think they are good enough to win. I know they want to win Sections and they’ll give it everything they have.”

Lindell Paulson said she and the team want to win sections, and they feel prepared to play well at the game.

“We’re hoping to make it as far as we can,” Lindell Paulson said. “I really hope we can make it to state, and I think we have the potential to.”

Lindell Paulson said she wants to give as much effort in the games as she possibly can.

“I want to play as well as I can and be as mentally tough as I can,” Lindell Paulson said. “I also want to keep the team atmosphere up going into sections.”

Crumpton said he thinks the team is prepared for sections because the team has had difficult moments during the season.

“I think they’re ready, they’ve had a tough year but I think they’ve learned a lot this year,” Crumpton said. “I think they’ll be able to pull all of that learning together during sections.”

Softball’s sections games will start May 22. The time and place are still to be determined.