SHEC hopes to gain more members

Club plans to expand to reach those who want to join


Lukas Levin

Senior Chloe Schaeher writes down ideas about what club members hope to discuss during the year. The club's next meeting is Oct. 26 at 8 a.m.

KJ Preston Pepperell

Senior president of Sexual Health and Education Club Phillip Djerf said he wants to find students to not only be in the club, but run it after he is gone.

“Towards the end of the year, we’ll be deciding who the presidents for next year are, so that is something we are looking for as we recruit new members,” Djerf said. “(We want) people who are willing to step up and be a leader.”

Senior Sexual Health and Education Club (SHEC) member Chloe Schaehrer said she likes the club because it feels safe and secure, a nice change from the typical health classes.

“I think that (SHEC) is a really great way for people to ask the questions that they don’t want to ask in health class,” Schaehrer said. “(SHEC is) a much smaller group and it’s more intimate, so people feel like they can ask difficult questions without having the whole class of 20-30 kids watching them.”

According to its members, SHEC offers a closed space for kids who may feel uncomfortable in health class or need to be pulled out for religious reasons. The group discusses everything from STIs to gender roles, and they always let members know the next topic a few days ahead of their meetings via Facebook or Schoology.

Junior Erica Dudley, a member of SHEC last year, said she likes the open discussions provided by the club.

“I really like that we get to choose the topics we talk about and go in-depth on a lot of the things we talked about in health,” Dudley said.

According to Dudley, the club talks about subjects that aren’t normally considered.

“Last year when we did the (discussion) on sex with disabilities, that (idea) was one I had never even thought about before, so it opened me up to things you wouldn’t encounter daily,” Dudley said.

Schaehrer said SHEC is beneficial to students who haven’t been able to learn enough about sexual heal

th or don’t feel as though they know enough about it.

“I want other students to feel like they know more about their own sexual health and their own health in general,” Schaerher said. “I want students to feel like they learned more about sexual health and sexual education through this club, and I want people to leave feeling like they learned more than when they came in.”

Djerf said he believes the club is special in that it’s original and important to all.

“When (SHEC) was created about three or four years ago, it was actually the first of its kind in the state,” Djerfsaid. “I think it’s so different from any other club because it’s so applicable to everyday teenage lives, but it’s hard for teenagers to talk about.”

SHEC meets at 8 a.m. every other Thursday in room B112.