Club creates discussion around devotionals

Fellowship of Christian Athletes continues five week plan


Alyssa LeMay

FCA members gather together Dec 20 before break to write messages on candy canes with the #payitforward to spread some holiday cheer before break.

Ruby Stillman and Kaia Myers

Fellowship of Christian Athletes leader, junior Aaron Ellingson, said the club reviews a bible verse and discusses its relevance to athletics at every meeting.

According to Ellingson, the club has been using the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) app to organize these programs.

“Through the FCA app, there are devotionals that are built in and we’re doing a five-week plan,” Ellingson said. “The devotional consists of something sports-related and that always ties back to the bible. We go over that and then a

sk questions at the end.”

FCA member, junior Nebyu Bekele, said his goal is to grow from the discussions, and sees the app as a way to do just that.

“The app has lessons that teach you how to apply your sports life to your normal life and I just want to be a better person and learn better things from the app,” Bekele said.

According to Ellingson, it is challenging to balance the club amidst his other commitments, so he is grateful for the club leadership’s teamwork.

“I myself play three sports, so having to fit (FCA) into my week can sometimes be challenging. But having two other leaders that can fill in when I’m busy is nice to have,” Ellingson said.

Ellingson said he hopes participants can learn to draw parallels between faith and athletics through the meetings.

“Hopefully they can apply whatever (the devotional) is about to their lives and connect their school and sports life to their spiritual life,” Ellingson said.

FCA adviser Alex Polk noted the value of having spiritual discourse with peers.

“I think it’s nice to be able to talk about faith with a group of kids that you’re not usually talking about faith with,” Polk said. “I think it’s really cool to have that opportunity and that space to talk about faith and leadership and community and sports and that intersection.”

Polk said he has been involved in the fellowship for years, but not soon enough.

“I didn’t really start doing FCA until college, and so I think that it’s something that I wish I had gotten involved with before that,” Polk said.

Bekele said he anticipates consistent gatherings, discussing topics he cares about.

“I’m looking forward to more meetings, like regularly, more donuts and just talking about sports and God and religion,” Bekele said.