Dick’s unnecessarily removes hunting gear

Hunters should be able to buy firearms

Maria Perez-Barriga

Dicks’s Sporting Goods is considering to remove all of their hunting gear because of the rising issue of gun violence in schools, according to Fortune. According to Kare 11, Dick’s started testing out this idea with 10 stores already removing hunting gear from the shelves, replacing it with other products.

The Second Amendment states Americans have the right to bear arms, and Dick’s removing guns would take away that right that others want to use for hunting.

Also, experienced hunters who have been doing so for years should not be punished for the actions of a few criminals. As long as they do so responsibly, hunters should be able to keep their Second Amendment right.

Because Dick’s does background checks, the goal of reducing gun violence while still keeping gun sales within established stores, as proven by national background check statistics. According to National Center for Health Research, background checks have already blocked 1 million felons, 291,000 domestic abusers and 118,000 fugitives from buying guns.

Additionally, background checks done at the local level produced a 22 percent decrease in the rates of gun related murders, according to National Center for Health Research. Stores benefit with background checks because they know who it is safe to sell firearms to and know who wants a gun to hunt or who may use to harm themselves or others.

While Dick’s intention of getting rid of gun violence is noble, Americans should have the freedom to hunt legally. Background checks achieve the same goal as what the company is striving to do, which is ensuring public safety.