City experiences power outage

Brief loss of electricity occurs

Dani Orloff and Emma Yarger

According to an announcement made by Principal Scott Meyers March 13 during seventh hour, a power outage occurred across the city of St. Louis Park, causing the lights to briefly turn off in the high school.

According to senior Quaron Johnson the power outage made students fearful that an intruder had entered the building.

“I reacted like it was over a lockdown like the lights went out like someone was really in the school. That’s what I thought, but it was a power outage,” Johnson said.

Johnson said the power outage caused computers to shut down and schoolwork to be interrupted.

“We were doing a woodworking test on Schoology,” Johnson said. “Everyone lost their (stuff), so we had to restart the whole test.”

Echo will provide an update if more information becomes available.

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