No tax money for abortion services

No tax money for abortion services

Henry Brettingen

The Trump administration’s new rule regarding family planning has some good aspects, although there are some things that should be changed.

The new rule does not actually defund Planned Parenthood. It simply requires them to maintain separate facilities and records between family planning facilities and those performing abortions. This ensures taxpayer money would not be used for abortions unless the pregnancy is life-threatening. It is not the responsibility of others to pay for abortions unless medically necessary.

President Trump should keep the physical separation between facilities while removing the so-called “gag rule,” which would prevent doctors from providing abortion referrals if the facilities in which they work receive funding from the Federal Government.

Abortions have always been a highly controversial topic, and it is unlikely a compromise will be reached that will please everyone.

Abortions can be a medical tool when used to save lives, but ultimately it shouldn’t be considered “family planning,” except in the case of rape. If you are not prepared to have children it is your responsibility to either not have sex or to use contraceptives.