New turf to be placed inside track field

Track field to be renovated over the summer


Lucy zumBrunnen

Senior Aaron Elllingson reads the defensive formation during the Homecoming game Sept. 20 at the Stadium. The turf renovations will provide additional practice space for sports.

Tenzin Gyaldatsang

After playing on a grass field inside the track, sophomore football player John Swindlehurst said many injuries were sustained due to the worn-down field.

“Over the summer, we had a lot of injuries because there was a bunch of potholes, and the grass got too long. Turf would prevent it,” Swindlehurst said.

According to athletic director Andrew Ewald, because of the damage, the track field isn’t suitable to play on.

“(The field is) pretty worn down, it’s lost its crown,” Ewald said. “Most grass fields have a crown in the middle so that when it rains, the water runs off.”

Sophomore Adam Gips said future turf installations will negatively affect the track team.

“If you’re warming up on the turf, and you get these black pellets from the turf on your spikes, you’ll run slower and it hurts,” Gips said.

Ewald said turf considers athlete’s safety.

“It would be a safer field to play on because the surface will be consistent and if it’s raining, it won’t affect whether you can use the field,” Ewald said.

Junior Danny Walsh said the new turf will reduce accidents while training.

“The grass won’t have divets to roll an ankle on,” Walsh said. “Although it’s pretty expensive to install, I think there’s nothing but advantages.”

The turf will be installed during summer break, according to Ewald.