Starting the school year from home

Building connections virtually


Grace Schultz

Today marked the first day of distanced learning for St. Louis Park High School students. Although hesitant at first, the school day went better than I expected.

So far, I’ve enjoyed having a scheduled time to meet with teachers everyday for the class period. Therefore, there’s a set time for each class and expectations are more clear. Last spring was very hectic, as we were all new to distanced learning. 

I learn better in a classroom, with a teacher, hands on. But given the circumstances, I’m making it work virtually. I’m adapting to the new schedule of learning. 

A new piece to distanced learning is “Park Connections.” As of now it feels odd to have advisory everyday. However, I feel it’ll aid me and my classmates in our future careers and schooling.

To be successful in online classes, I make sure there’s no distractions in the room and that I’m in a quiet space. I found it helpful to have a notebook nearby in case I needed to write anything down. I didn’t have to take too many notes today because most of my classes were just introductions. 

As the school year continues, I’m looking forward to when we move to a hybrid learning model. It will definitely be nice to meet my teachers in person, and to start building student/teacher relationships. I’m also looking forward to actually sitting in a classroom for school, instead of my bedroom. 

Overall, I want to keep an open mind for distance learning. I also want to keep being flexible, as things are constantly changing.