Consistency is key

Katie Nelson

While in previous years, the last days of the semester were scheduled as block days, this year, administration has decided to forgo that plan. Instead, Park will be keeping the normal seven period routine for students to take final exams. While this does leave less time for tests during class, I ultimately believe that this schedule will be beneficial for students.

 In any situation, having a set routine is valuable. You know what to expect and you are used to an established system. Keeping the finals schedule the same as every other day brings a sense of normalcy. On a block day schedule, that routine is thrown out of balance, which could add extra stress and uncertainty to an already difficult time. 

Additionally, the block scheduling doubles class time – something students are not used to. I become easily distracted and less focused the more time I spend in a class. The 45-minute time frame is a perfect amount for me to really concentrate, but after that, I become far less attentive and productive. Especially if I am taking a test the entire block period, I know I will become distracted, therefore impacting my performance. This increased amount of time could become unproductive if students are attempting to focus for longer periods. 

Having shorter classes may also deter teachers from giving finals, as long, tedious tests are something students usually dislike. Instead, projects or other non-test based finals could be another option, which are more creative and help show a true understanding, rather than just good memorization. 

While I do understand and foresee students experiencing issues regarding multiple finals back to back, with having class on both days instead of just one, it provides options for teachers of when to give their final. I hope that teachers will try their best to be flexible and accommodate the schedule to what best fits a student’s needs. Overall, keeping the schedule consistent will help keep students focused.