Students should be required to attend AP classes after exams

Abby Bartleson

After an entire year of cramming every detail about my AP class course so I can hopefully pass the exam to earn college credit, being present in class even after the exam is just as important. 

Although exhausting, I would rather finish off the class strong. Our unit tests during the year aren’t worth much towards our grade, but doing poorly on multiple tests can change your grade drastically. Luckily, my teacher offers extra credit after the exam to help bump your grade up. 

With the approach of offering extra credit, this can help students tremendously. I’ve talked to many classmates who do not feel prepared for the final exam even after months of studying and homework. Extra credit gives students the opportunity to still perform well in the class and close up the year with a good grade in the class, even if that means not earning college credit from the exam. Being in class while completing extra credit, makes it much more accessible for students to get help from their teacher and the unlimited load of materials teachers have provided year long.

Apart from the extra credit aspect of wrapping the year up, being present in class is still a very crucial component for future AP courses students may take. Many teachers can continue on lessons and keep students learning which could eventually impact their performances on other related courses.

Taking AP courses has boosted my academic independence as well. A lot of the course was just understanding how the test works and how to take these kinds of exams. I am certain taking these types of tests will benefit me in the long run, not just throughout high school, but also in college. Taking time to complete extra practice test formats and asking teachers to go over them can help students in their AP courses for the following years. 

Attendance is important in school — students’ attendance records can affect their privileges if they start racking up multiple unexcused absences. Even post-exam, you can use class time to work on schoolwork for other classes. Personally, I am more focused on getting schoolwork done at school because I know I will not be able to focus at home from the unrestrained amount of distractions. Believe it or not, if I try studying in my room where it is quiet, I usually end up taking a nap instead. 

In the end, I believe students should be attending class even after the exam is over because of the many benefits it can offer. It is also a way for students to show gratitude towards their teachers. Our teachers have been working nonstop for us to do well on these exams and to not show up to the class immediately after the exam is over feels like it’s sending a message of unappreciativeness towards their constant help and support.