Girls blows out Waconia with a 15-1 win

Last game of regular season


Cole Taylor

Girls Lacrosse line up together before game May 26. Girls Lacrosse win against Waconia with a 15-1 win.

Jacob Perszyk and Cole Taylor

After a dominant 15-1 victory against Waconia, girl’s lacrosse varsity assistant coach Hayley Savat said she thought the work throughout the season is why the team has been winning. 

 “A lot of things that we’ve been working on throughout the season really came together for us. We got a lot of girls out there, a lot of new girls playing up to varsity that have played a lot of season and JV, so a lot of things were clicking for us. We executed some plays and we were connecting passes, and (it was)overall a really strong game,” Savat said.

According to junior Anna Mccallon, the team has done a good job using plays from practice in game.

“We have three or four plays that worked really well and we tried them at practice, and in this game most of them worked, so that went really well,” Mccallon said.

Going into the postseason, Savat said she believes that fundamentals and confidence is key to winning games.

“We’re just working on putting everything together and making sure the girls have confidence to execute on their plays and have confidence in making the passes to each other and doing what they know they can do,” Savat said. “Fundamentals are everything, so just connecting on the passes, catching — that’s always important. And we’ve been working on just having confidence when we have the ball.” 

Going into sections, sophomore Brooke Scott said the team is putting in more work so they can succeed.

“We are going to practice more — like on Saturday — and we are going to do much better than we think we are going to do,” Scott said.

For the upcoming games, Savat wants the team to make the most of opportunities they receive during the game.

“We’ve been working really hard this season on not wasting the shot — we get the ball all the way down the field, we settle we, work it around. The last thing we want is to waste it on a bad shot at the goalie around the wide or the net. That’s really the cherry on top — finishing with a goal of finishing strong,” Savat said.

Girls’ lacrosse’s post-season starts early June. Time, date and location are TBD.