Rules gives us opportunities to better ourselves

Jessie Belen

The new rules about detention, phones and closed campus may have a tough reputation, but is it really that bad? It seems that the new rules intend to give us motivation to have a better educational life. They are giving us reasonable boundaries that we have to follow. Out of respect, we should follow them. 

The rule about freshmen, sophomores and juniors staying on campus for lunch is just about safety. It’s logical to keep us in a school environment until we can leave because we are still minors. The staff in our building genuinely care for us and would hate for anything bad to happen. It’s already a privilege for seniors to have an open campus and it gives the lower-classmen something to look forward to.

The new rules provide repercussions for the things we do wrong, which prepares us for when that happens in the real world as well. For example, not only are the new rules about detention giving us time to think about how we can better ourselves, but they also encourage us to be on time to class. It’s a humbling experience, but if we look past ourselves, we’re not the only ones who have rules to follow. There are strict rules for the adults in this building, and if they don’t follow them then they would have to face the consequences.

Another new rule that people are getting upset about is the phone policy. I overhear people complaining that it’s too sudden and too strict but in previous years we’ve had this same phone rule, we just haven’t been enforcing it all that well. 

This year brings a lot of changes to our school life, but they are in place to keep us safe. Like  how we are only allowed to exit and enter through one door. We will grow to accept these new rules and if the staff sees changes, they may get more lenient. We should try to show that we can follow the rules that are set before us.