Review: Do not walk out of ‘Mother!’

Watch the film in its entirety, wait until the twist hits you and let the discussions begin


Used with permission from Paramount

“Mother!” is a cinematic masterpiece. The film is confusing, provocative and polarizing. To reveal more would ruin the intended effect of the film.

The film’s writer/director, Darren Aronofsky, crafted “Mother!” with the intent that film-goers watch it without context. He even went as far as convincing Paramount studios to not market the film, a very unconventional but noteworthy approach.

On the surface, “Mother!” is a thriller about a couple who invites a stranger into their home.

When you go see “Mother,” do not give in to the pressure of your fellow movie-goers walking out. This movie is not going to feel like other movies you’ve seen. If “Mother’s” twist hasn’t hit you once you’ve digested the full length of the film (and it very well may not), prepare to have your mind blown when you seek its allegory out.

However, if this review piqued your interest, I implore you to not do any research of the film before viewing it. Take a leap of faith – it will be worth the experience.

“Mother!” – ★★★★