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‘Camp Pleasant Lake:’ the unpleasant carnage

Rackam Walberg, Staffer March 5, 2024

DeskPop Entertainment released their new horror film “Camp Pleasant Lake'' straight to video on demand March 27. Written and directed by Thomas Walton, the indie slasher is already coming out with some...

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The promising premiere of ‘All The Light We Cannot See’

Anna Williams November 10, 2023

When faced with a bookshelf or a selection of films, I always chose the historical drama. In consequence, throughout my life, I have come across the novel “All The Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr....

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‘Fast X’ puts the pedal to the metal

Leo Justesen June 1, 2023

“Fast X” just came out on May 19, and oh boy, did it blow “Fast and Furious 9” out of the water. “Fast X” was adjacent in intensity to “Avengers: Infinity War.” This movie is the franchises...

The best Adam Sandler movies, ranked

The best Adam Sandler movies, ranked

Leo Justesen April 17, 2023

“Anger Management (2003)”: ★★★☆☆ We all love seeing Adam Sandler being mad in his movies, and this movie gives you all you want. Adam plays a mild-mannered guy who has an incident...

‘Paint’ movie is a waste of time

Alex Hoag April 14, 2023

  Ever since it was announced that Owen Wilson was going to play a Bob Ross inspired character, nearly everybody has been counting down the days until this new comedy releases.    “Paint”...

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‘Pinocchio’ is charming, yet unnecessary

Anna Williams October 4, 2022

Ever since Walt Disney Pictures announced its plan to reintroduce the classics — reenvisioned, reimagined, retold and remade — viewers have patiently waited and watched as each project was released....

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LGBT+ representation in film

Modesty Manion May 17, 2022

Every June, people across the world celebrate Pride Month, which honors the struggles, experiences and history of the LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, etc.) community. In honor of Pride Month,...

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Get in on the action in ‘Ambulance’

Rachel Arkis April 16, 2022

When I stepped foot into the theater to watch “Ambulance,” I had low expectations, but came out pleasantly surprised. “Ambulance” is an action-packed thriller following a war veteran named Will...

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‘Red Notice’ will leave you with questions

Jordyn Deschamps December 11, 2021

When I first hit play on “Red Notice,” I thought that it would be just your average everyday action movie, but was pleasantly surprised with a twist. “Red Notice,” a Netflix original movie,...

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‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ is nostalgic

Elena Ortiz-Fishman November 30, 2021

Following the first hit “Ghosbusters,” which came out in 1984, the newest addition to the saga didn’t disappoint. As expected, it turned out to be a goofier twist to the original. In order to keep...

Fair use from Sundance Institute.

‘In the Earth’ confusing, disorientating

Elena Ortiz-Fishman April 29, 2021

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have not been to a movie theatre once — watching “In the Earth” was my first one back, which I wholly regret.  Directed by Ben Wheatly, this pandemic-inspired...

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‘Locked Down’ reflects society accurately

Ben Sanford January 28, 2021

Amidst the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, it is inevitable for quarantine-related movies and TV shows to become produced for the next decade. That being said, “Locked Down” is the first of the bunch...

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