Prince’s estate releases two new tracks

“Electric Intercourse,” “Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden” first singles off upcoming re-issue of “Purple Rain”

Just over a year after his death, NPG Records and Warner Bros. Records unveiled two of Prince’s previously unreleased songs, “Electric Intercourse” and “Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden.”

The song is the first single off the upcoming remastered version of Prince’s hit 1984 album, “Purple Rain.”

According to Warner Bros., the new album’s deluxe version will consist of both remastered versions of the original 9 tracks and 26 previously unreleased tracks.

“Electric Intercourse” is a romantic ballad in which Prince plays a variety of synthesizers over his signature drum machine produced beat. The song’s style closely resembles “The Beautiful Ones,” “Purple Rain’s” third track.

“Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden” is a two part track featuring Prince’s backing band, The Revolution. The first half is a mélange of genres in which band member Wendy Melvoin sings over arpeggiated synths and strings. The second half features Prince vocalising his signature lyrical style over a “Raspberry Beret” esque instrumental.

The two remastered versions of “Purple Rain” are set to be released June 23.