John Mayer makes comeback with new album

First two parts of the segmented “Search for Everything” show an introspective side to the artist

Fair use from Columbia, Sony Music

Fair use from Columbia, Sony Music

There is a little bit of everything in the first two ‘waves’ of John Mayer’s album “The Search for Everything,” which he is releasing four songs at a time.

Mayer dropped off the grid in 2010 after he was accused of misogyny and racism due to his comments in several highly controversial interviews. The artist now describes himself as a “recovered ego addict,” an attitude which is one of the main themes on this new album.

“The Search for Everything” seems to act as a sort of redemption for Mayer. The lyrics are humble and respectful. There is no trace of the cocky young artist that the public knew in 2010.  

The record transcends multiple genres. Mayer demonstrates his mastery of many different kinds of music by playing every style from his signature ‘California folk’ to a mix of pop and blues.

“Wave One” opens with the rolling “Moving On and Getting Over.” On this track, Mayer confesses his honest feelings to a former lover over a smooth, groovy guitar instrumental.

“Changing,” the second track on “Wave One,” is the climax of Mayer’s newfound humbleness. He admits to the audience and his peers that “I may be old and I may be young/but I am not done changing.”

“Wave Two” starts off with “Still Feel Like Your Man,” a grooving track that seemingly acts as a continuation of “Moving On and Getting Over.” Mayer uses a similar guitar technique and vocals as “Wave One’s” opening track.

The first half of the album ends with “Roll in on Home,” a return to the musical style Mayer has been known for since the start. The country-style song paints a picture of a troubled character sitting at a bar, debating whether or not they should return home for the night.

“Wave One” and “Wave Two” occasionally suffer from poor lyricism. The biggest example of this is “Love on the Weekend.” The otherwise romantic mood of the song is ruined by Mayer’s corny, awkward writing.

Considering its variety and overall quality, “The Search for Everything — Wave One and Two” is a very welcome return for Mayer to the music scene.

“The Search for Everything – Wave One and Wave Two” by John Mayer: 4/5