‘Harley Quinn’ entertains, delights

Show takes advantage of its mature rating


Fair use from DC: Harley Quinn fights to be admitted into the Legion of Doom to exact revenge on Joker. In order to do this, Quinn recruits a team of villains.

Henry Brettingen

“Harley Quinn” is a show focusing on the adventures of Harley Quinn after she realizes how abusive the Joker is and strikes off on her own. The show successfully uses the dynamic between Quinn and her friends to create a unique dynamic which gives the show a tone similar to that of “Deadpool”.  

“Harley Quinn” is a return to the classic animation style of earlier superhero shows, which elicits a nostalgic feeling at first. What follows is nothing like earlier shows, as the show uses the full range of its TV-MA rating to create truly gory and reaction-provoking action scenes.

The show has shockingly refreshing edgy humor, while making sure not to alienate or offend its viewers. The show subverts villain clichés seen in other shows of the same genre, such as “Teen Titans”.

The first episode introduces diverse cast of villains, each with their own unique personalities and habits. Even Poison Ivy’s (Lake Bell) landlord is revealed to be a Cold War era spy and war criminal. The show also features Clayface (Alan Tudyk); the shapeshifter, Dr. Psycho (Tony Hale); the psychic and the adorable portrayal of King Shark (Ron Funches). The unique characters kept the show entertaining and prevented viewers from losing interest in Quinn’s odyssey.

Although the show has humor that pokes fun at violence, it doesn’t shy away from themes like childhood trauma. This is especially evident when the show explores Quinn’s origin story, revealing insight into her troubled past. This approach humanized a previously flat supporting character, giving Quinn more depth.

After viewing “Harley Quinn” I would say Quinn now holds her own alongside other great anti-hero characters such as Deadpool. Her twisted code of morals causes her to be disgusted by many of the other villains behaviour, although she maintains her panache for doling out violence.

The show gave deserved depth and independence to a long existing DC character, giving viewers an extremely pleasurable, violent and unique experience. “Harley Quinn” is as good a reason as any to invest in DC universe.