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‘Harley Quinn’ entertains, delights

Fair use from DC: Harley Quinn fights to be admitted into the Legion of Doom to exact revenge on Joker. In order to do this, Quinn recruits a team of villains.

Henry Brettingen

January 16, 2020

“Harley Quinn” is a show focusing on the adventures of Harley Quinn after she realizes how abusive the Joker is and strikes off on her own. The show successfully uses the dynamic between Quinn and her friends to create a unique dynamic which gives the show a tone similar to that of “Deadpool”.   ...

‘Aquaman’ falls below expectations

Fair use from Warner Bros.

Megan Raatz

January 23, 2019

Going to see “Aquaman,” I knew it wasn’t going to be the best movie ever, but I still came out of the theater disappointed. DC Comics’ newest attempt at putting some backstory behind its Justice League characters falls so terribly short even a wet shirtless Jason Momoa can’t save it. If yo...

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