Science Olympiad looks ahead to competition

Members begin preparing for regional event


Max Bechtold and Nicole Sanford

Although their first competition is not for a couple of months, members of Science Olympiad are currently working hard to be ready for the competition, according to adviser Jenny Magdal.

According to Madgal, Science Olympiad members were assigned science related projects that they will cover and bring to a competitive event later in the year.

“(The club meets) every Thursday after school,” Magdal said. “​We have just assigned competition topics, so students will be working with their partners to prep for their competition topic.​ ​(Topics are) determined by the national organization.​”

According to senior Science Olympiad captain Freja Olsen, there are only a few competitions a year and regionals will most likely take place in February.

“There’s only 2 or 3 competitions a year, regionals, in February, State and nationals,” Olsen said. “You get to prepare for a while because there’s certain things you have to build, or you have to look up really complex information on really any range of what could be considered a science.”

Olsen said club members got to choose who would take which topics to the competition.

“We all filled out sheets on what exactly we want to do and then after that, (Magdal) makes sure that everything is covered,” Olsen said. “We can only have 15 members in total, so it’s easier to make sure we cover everything, because we get a certain amount of points per event.”

Olsen said she likes the club because of the people who are in it.

“We are a bunch of really nerdy people who get together,” Olsen said. “I really enjoy the people that I get to hang out with and I am really looking forward to that.”

According to Olsen, members will compete differently depending on the type of assignment they are given.

“If you get assigned a lab or a test you’ll have a specific time where you go in so everyone goes in and you take your test, (then you) do your lab experiment,” Olsen said, “But if you have a building project, it’s all throughout the day because you are testing what you built.”

Magdal said she likes that the club creates an opportunity for students interested in science.

“​I love that it is a place for students who are interested in science and all things nerdy to pursue ​what they are interested in with other students who are as passionate as them,” Magdal said.