New Student Council elected for next year

Representatives prepare to serve student body

Lukas Levin

With the school year coming to an end, Student Council is beginning to bring in new representatives for next years government.

Incoming senior representative Billy Nicholls said he wishes to continue work with Student Council president Sophie Yarosh to increase morale within the student body.

“I want to continue to work with Sophie and the other officers in the school and work with  including more and more students in our student body and promoting school spirit,” Nicholls said.

Incoming sophomore representative Hattie Kugler said she wants to be a part of student council to do something new and take strides outside of her family.

“I ran for student council because I wanted to try something I haven’t before I know it’s like something my sister hasn’t done and I kind of want to do something my sister is not doing,” Kugler said.
Student Council adviser Sarah Lindenberg says she is confident with the new student committee and is excited to see more students joining in Park’s government.

“I think we will have a good student council next year.” (…) “In the last few years there has been a trend of, new students being involved in student council, which is nice to see fresh, diverse perspectives,” Lindenberg said.

According to incoming junior representative Cailey Hansen-Mahoney student politics allows for quicker action than administration

“I think (student-run government) gives students a lot of flexibility to kind of take (Park schools) where they want to take it,” Hansen-Mahoney said. “We’re more responsive to student body than the administration.”

Lindenberg said she her favorite thing about Student Council is being able to teach students, who want to be involved in their community, to help their fellow student body.

“I like helping student leadership. (I) try to help students feel empowered to make changes where and when they need to be made,” Lindenberg said. “It’s inspiring to work with the students who want to make a difference at the school and I’m trying to help them do that. Probably the main reason why I do it.”