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Staff Editorial: Bathroom mirrors should not be incentive

Senior Alex Riley takes a shot during the Sno Daze pep fest Feb. 14. Student Council announced the possibility of new mirrors in the bathrooms if students participated in dress codes.

February 24, 2020

Going to the bathroom at school is a hassle. First, you have to find an unlocked bathroom and wait in line for an open stall. Also, few bathrooms include mirrors, so you have to search for a bathroom with a mirror if you need it, even if that bathroom is nowhere near your class. At the pep fest Feb. ...

Nest hosts open mic night

Senior and Student Council president Anna Wert speaks to the crowd at the Nest’s open-mic event Feb. 20. The program aimed to give students the opportunity to show off their talents and participate in SnoDaze festivities.

Talia Lissauer and Gabriel Kaplan

February 21, 2020

Marketing intern for the Nest and junior Rachel Stein said she enjoyed seeing new people visiting the Nest at the store’s open mic night. “It was super fun to see a lot of people from my community coming to the Nest,” Stein said. “It was really fun to see people coming in and learning about (t...

Student council prepares for Sno Daze

Seniors and Student Council co-presidents Anna Wert and Anna Nicholls discuss Sno Daze plans with adviser Sarah Lindenburg. Student Council is in charge of organizing Sno Daze week activities and decorating for the dance.

Sam Swisher

February 21, 2020

Before the upcoming Sno Daze dance Feb. 22, Student Council adviser Sarah Lindenberg said allowing students to choose music will help raise attendance. “The seniors (on Student Council) decided on having a couple of senior students create a playlist and be able to DJ the event to hopefully draw more s...

Busing offered to students for volleyball State match

Junior Kendall Coley hits the ball over the net during the Sections Finals Nov. 2. The State matches will be played as a double elimination Nov. 7 and Nov. 8.

Gabriel Kaplan and Noah Orloff

November 5, 2019

When freshman Clare Miller found out busing would be available for Park volleyball’s upcoming State matches, she said she was joyful because of the convenience it would offer.  “I think it might make people feel better knowing they’re going to be able to get home alright and there’s no chaos,...

SLP Nutrition partners with Student Council

SLP Nutrition founders Alex Brose and Allyson Oman laugh as they wait for someone to order a drink. According to Oman, SLP Nutrition is a health club with a mission of creating a healthy community.

Gabriel Kaplan and Noah Orloff

September 19, 2019

Junior Courtney Hanson said she believes SLP Nutrition’s Homecoming sales will help draw in Park students, who can then learn about how to live healthier lives. “I thought (the sales) were a great idea. I know they’ve done things like that in the past or different fundraisers, and I think i...

Student council prepares for Sno Daze week

Sophomore Student Council members Isaac Scott, Grace Fahey and Li Livdahl discuss ideas for the upcoming Sno Daze week. Student Council leads activites every day leading up to the dance Feb. 23.

Ruby Stillman, Breanna Thompson, and Nebyu Bekele

February 11, 2019

When deciding on a Sno Daze theme, senior Student Council co-president Cailey Hansen-Mahoney thought it made sense to have a nostalgic theme because of the change in the Sno Daze dance location from the high school to the middle school. “We are going to do a throwback theme this year, bringing it b...

Student Council helps community through blood drive

Senior Bella Birkeland donates blood in C350 during the Memorial Blood Center's blood drive. The phlebotomists made sure everyone that donated felt comfortable and at ease while donating.

Emma Leff, Anika Hanson

December 5, 2018

Student Council adviser Sarah Lindenberg said Student Council partners with Memorial Blood Centers to host four blood drives every year. Park held their second blood drive of the year during the school day on Dec. 3, according to Lindenberg. “We have four (blood drives) throughout the year. For eac...

Student Council raises money for mental health

Donation bins were set up around the school for students to donate as much as they were able. If students donate, they are able to take a purple ribbon sticker to show their support for mental health awareness.

Emma Leff, Rachel Salzer, and Anika Hanson

October 17, 2018

Following a tragic loss in the St. Louis Park community, Student Council decided to raise money for the National Alliance on Mental Illness as well as raise awareness about mental health Students created small donation bins that were put in classrooms around the school. Students and staff are being encouraged to donate. Kara Cisco helped...

Student Council prepares for school year

Seniors Cailey Hansen-Mahoney and Alexis Machoka lead the Day One pep fest Sept. 8, 2017.

Noah Orloff

September 2, 2018

Senior Student Council co-president Cailey Hansen-Mahoney said she has many aspirations for the upcoming school year. “I want to try some new things,” Hansen-Mahoney said. “I think all officers want to do more events throughout the year to keep people engaged beyond just dances and then Homecoming w...

Day One at Park High School

High school staff participate in the Cupid Shuffle at the Day One pep fest on September 5, 2018.

Katie Hardie

August 30, 2018

The first day, always characterized by a fun-filled, festival-like schedule, will include special guests, specialty foods and many activities throughout the day. In addition to the festivities, incoming students will go through an abbreviated run-through of their school schedules and have lunch provi...

Student Council reflects on final blood drive of year

Junior Kyle Ballenger gets his blood drawn during the blood drive May 30. Students who donated were able to receive t-shirts and restaurant discounts following donation.

Hadeal Rizeq

June 4, 2018

After donating blood to his mother when she was in need, senior Brian Asumari said he is committed to doing the same for others by participating in more blood drives. “My mom needed blood one time, and so she got it (from me),” Asumari said. “If I can help, like if you donate my blood, somebody...

Prom prepares for ‘Golden Days’

Senior Ben Romain registers for his Golden Days prom ticket. Tickets are being sold in the cafeteria during all three lunches up until Friday May 4.

Hadeal Rizeq

May 4, 2018

Prom committee planner freshman Michael Boxley-Harmon said planning for prom is a great way to give back to upperclassmen. “I feel like it’s just a great opportunity because I am helping plan a party for the juniors and the seniors, so they can have a good time going into college or ending the...

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