Echo named as 2017 Pacemaker finalist

Park’s newspaper selected along with 49 other publications


Senior managing editor Atticus Raasch said the Echo staff deserved to be named one of the National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA) 2017 Pacemaker finalists.

“I think that everyone on staff really deserves it and it just shows how committed we all are to producing good, real and true content,” Raasch said.

According to the National Scholastic Press Association, the Association named 49 student newspapers and magazines as finalists for the 2017 Pacemaker competition.

Senior co-editor-in-chief Mimi Fhima said all of the staff’s hard work presents itself.

“It feels really amazing to know that our work is being seen by other journalists and being recognized as one of the top school newspapers in the country,” Fhima said. “It feels really good to know that all the hard work that we put into the paper is paying off.” 

Echo adviser Lori Keekley said an important part of Echo is the staff doesn’t produce the newspaper for any awards. Keekley said the newspaper has been a Pacemaker finalist six times.

“The students don’t do it for the awards. Students work very hard to cover the student body and robustly and make sure that they get the best product possible,” Keekley. “So the students getting the awards are great but we still concentrate on what we do on a daily basis.”

Fhima said despite having received the award on several occasions, each time the staff feels proud to be recognized.

“I regard the award pretty highly,” Fhima said. “While we have gotten a few Pacemakers before every time we keep it in the same regard.”

Senior managing editor Alec Pittman said he feels prideful for the newspaper’s staff as a whole when thinking on the Echo’s achievement.

“I feel tremendously proud of not only the efforts of our adviser Ms. Keekley, but of all editors and staffers,” Pittman said. “I have had on incredible experience on Echo”

According to the NSPA, this competition recognized only print newspapers. The Echo was also a finalist in the April Online Pacemaker competition.

Senior co-editor-in-chief Annabella Strathman said getting recognized with the award is a motivator for the staff.

“Although we don’t do it for the awards, knowing that our hard work is being acknowledged feels great,” Strathman said.