New teacher starts working at Park

English department hires new staff member


Isaac Wahl

Parks new teacher Shuazong Vang teaches in front of Honors English 9, Sept. 28.

Lukas Levin

Park’s English division recently received a new addition with first year English teacher Shuazong Vang.

Vang said she was originally a teaching assistant who taught sixth graders but had difficulties working with young students in the past.

“I was a student teacher at Linwood Monroe Arts Plus. I was with 6th graders,” Vang said. “The most difficult thing, I would say, (was) student engagement. Some classes were really good, but other classes just needed an extra push.”

Vang said she is enthusiastic to be working with ninth graders who have established ideas and come to class ready to learn.

“The ninth grade students seem more prepared to talk and actually contribute their thoughts and ideas,” Vang said. “They have such diverse views, and my sixth graders were still learning everything.”

Freshman Essence Young said she enjoys Vang because she is a fresh face to Park the students can get to know.

“I like Ms. Vang because she is new. Which means you can get to know her more because she doesn’t know anyone.” Young said.

Vang said she teaches two honors and two regular freshman classes, and an ESL class for freshman to seniors.

Freshman Koby Davis said he appreciates the fact that Vang is new to the high school. He said it allows for a more versatile teaching ethic that keeps him engaged.

“It’s Vang’s first year teaching, so she can really try out anything,” Davis said. “(Her activities) tend to be very fun and really interesting.”

Vang said the enthusiasm and community at Park is why she has fun and appreciates working at the high school.

“I would say one of the reasons (I am drawn to park) is because of the school community,” Vang said. “When I was at the first pep rally, all of the seniors were really into it, and I like that environment.”