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Some teachers take personal day to attend State tournament

Teachers Bobby Otto and Chad Austad cheer on the Park volleyball team during its first state match. Otto led cheers throughout the match to promote Park pride.

Marta Hill, Isabel Kjaer, and Kaia Myers

November 7, 2019

As the Park varsity volleyball team prepares to play in the State tournament Nov. 7, assistant Principal Jessica Busse said the number of teachers who can go to the game is determined by the number of students who are attending. “A lot of people are wanting to go, and that's great, we fully sup...

Former teacher returns as eSports adviser

Senior Joseph Lindstrom and sophomore Cole Blavat play a video game on the Nintendo Switch before the Esports meeting. The meeting was hosted to get the team members registered Sep. 12.

Zuhayb Yassin

October 22, 2019

Jacob Utities, a teacher that used to work at Park said there’s no difference between being a teacher and eSports adviser because he is still  mentoring students. “It gives me more time to help kids do what they love, and that is video games. [As well as] getting them to the next level by do...

Teacher starts classroom garden

Teacher starts classroom garden

Lucy Zumbrunnen

June 3, 2019

When senior Ethan Hoeschen began as a teacher’s assistant for Al Wachutka his sophomore year, he was assigned with the task of growing and taking care of tomatoes. “I’m not sure if (Wachutka) was growing tomatoes before I started as teacher assistant, but I started my sophomore year. He had ...

New teachers quiz

New teacher Callie Hefstad  helps 11 grade student. Hefstad has taught on three different continents.

Marta Hill

October 1, 2018

Click the link below to learn about the new teachers at Park this year. The ten new teachers this year come from varied backgrounds and experiences. Loading New Teachers var QuizWorks = window.QuizWorks || []; QuizWorks.push( [document.getElementById("embed-quiz-391282"), "quiz", "391282", { autostart: false, ...

Weekly games unite faculty

St. Louis Park school district teachers playing a full game of basketball April 11. The teachers get together every week at 6 a.m. on Wednesdays to play at the middle school.

Ruby Stillman

April 16, 2018

According to engineering and science teacher Mark Miller, a group of teachers and administrators from around the district get together every week to play basketball. “We play basketball starting at 6 o’clock at the middle school every Wednesday, and we get a group together and we play four on four,...

In-school suspension referral process changed

In-school suspension referral process changed

Annabella Strathman

November 20, 2017

After being closed for the first six weeks of school, the procedure for in-school suspensions has changed, according to assistant principal Charles Johnson-Nixon. Johnson-Nixon said Grade Level Coordinators (GLCs) now determine if a student requires time in the in-school suspension (ISS) room. ...

Spanish teacher feels excited to work with father

First-year Spanish teacher Lydia Brubaker helps students complete their work on Nov 1. Lydia Brubaker is the daughter of social studies teacher Bradley Brubaker.

Makagbe Kuyateh

November 7, 2017

When Spanish teacher Lydia Brubaker found out Park had an opening for a language teacher, she felt her dream was being fulfilled. “I always thought St. Louis Park would be the type of school I would want to teach at because when I was here I felt that I got a really good education,” Lydia Brubaker...

New teacher starts working at Park

Parks new teacher Shuazong Vang teaches in front of Honors English 9, Sept. 28.

Lukas Levin

September 28, 2017

Park’s English division recently received a new addition with first year English teacher Shuazong Vang. Vang said she was originally a teaching assistant who taught sixth graders but had difficulties working with young students in the past. “I was a student teacher at Linwood Monroe Arts Plus...

Science Department organizes weekly potlucks

Science department gathers for weekly potluck on Jan. 10.

Alex Balfour, Yonah Davis, and Navjot Kaur

January 11, 2017

When Chemistry teacher Alexander Polk enters the science room on a Potluck day, he feels relieved in his ability to unwind and share pre-made food with his peers. According to science teacher Alan Wachutka, the science department teachers participate in a weekly potluck with various themes depending ...

Day One welcomes students

Yusra Hajihussein cheers with her fellow Juniors.

Joseph Brandel and Ethan Brown

September 11, 2015

As students poured into school for their first day back, adviser Danya Castro and the Day One club prepared to kick off their group’s first-day event. Along with the opening day pep fest and a free lunch, Castro said students attended shortened classes to make room for activities at the end...

Parents, teachers check on students at conferences

Ryan McCanna, Staff Writer

March 14, 2013

Conferences provide opportunity to recap student progress Since the start of the school year, every Tuesday and Thursday, classes began twenty minutes later in an effort to allocate  teachers more time for meeting regarding student academic performance. The long term results of this initiative will b...

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