eSports moves on to nationals

Park video game players qualifies for trip to Texas


Junior Alessandro Giannetti and sophomore Joseph Lindstrom participate in eSports practice Nov. 9.

Lukas Levin and Isaac Wahl

As sophomore Joseph Lindstrom’s Overwatch team launched to victory, he said he felt proud of his achievement.

“I’m just having a good time with my team and getting that feeling  we are united. (We are) good at the game, the team can play well, we feel that we matter, we’re at a high position.”

eSports coach Jacob Utities said the team worked vigorously to attain the win.

“The team we played in the finals was just not prepared for us, and we knew exactly what they were going to do. We watched every one of their films, we figure out each player and what they excelled at and are good at,” Utities said. “Then we just created a strategy just to counter that and we just destroyed them.”

Senior Graham Campbell said their win was easier than expected.

“It was so easy for us. We didn’t feel challenged. We were expecting (the final game opponent) to be a lot harder and we were so prepared for every character on their team.”

The eSports team won a national tournament Dec. 16, becoming the number one Overwatch eSports team in the nation, according to Utities.

Campbell said he feels proud to represent a team in Park that can be recognized at such a prestigious level.

“St. Louis Park has always been a school looked down upon with other sports. It’s actually exciting to win a pretty big title,” Campbell said.

Utities said both he and the players are ecstatic to go to Dallas in June to compete with some of the other top-ranked teams in the United States.

“Oh my God we’re so excited. The kids are pumped. A bunch of professional eSports players, coaches and recruiters will be there from colleges looking for kids to play. There is going to be a 32 team tournament,” Utities said. “We get a trip to Dallas, the kids are the best in the country. How exciting would it be to know that in your sport, in your game, you are the best in the country?”