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DECA students express satisfaction with State Conference results

Used with permission from Sophia Ross. Juniors Koby Davis, Adin Zweigbaum, Emma Amon and seniors Sydney Ring, Sarah McCallon and Lola Ruff attend the DECA State competition. They competed against 2,200 people for their placements in their individual events. The next competition will be the International Career Development Conference held in Nashville, Tenn.

Maria Perez Barriga and Jayde Claussen

March 7, 2020

As names were being announced for placement on the event, junior Adin Zweigbaum said he was waiting anxiously as his name was called for third place for Apparel and Accessories Marketing.  “It was really cool because I was sitting there and I actually didn't think I did very well. I was getting reall...

Quiz Bowl practices for Nationals

Senior Sam Jensen practices Quiz Bowl in preparation for Nationals. Nationals will be held May 25-26 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Carly Joseph, Izzy Kanne, and Samantha Klepfer

May 23, 2019

Senior Cailey Hansen-Mahoney said she and her teammates get ready to face the buzzer by doing more than just studying facts. “We’re continuing with our daily practices and then individual people are studying a lot more especially as a team. We have been doing a little fundraising as well,” Hansen-...

Club ends school year, prepares for future

DECA members Senior Louis Brown and Juniors Rachel Young, Yonah Davis and Alexis Machoka take a selfie at a conference during DECA nationals.

Ndunzi Kunsunga

June 1, 2018

Park DECA chapter adviser Sophia Ross said despite not making it to finals, the students and herself had a great time at Nationals. “Nationals went great. It was a really fun atmosphere. The students competed and attended the school-based enterprise academy,” Ross said. “They didn’t make it ...

Quizbowl fundraiser for Nationals

Quizbowl fundraiser for Nationals

Amaia Barajas

May 19, 2018

Junior captain Ayanna Nathan said for Quizbowl to be able to attend Nationals, they need all the help they can get. “Getting funds is really important for us because Nationals is crazy expensive. Park is better than (other schools) that make students pay all the fees. We charge the school for our...

Quiz Bowl to gear up for Nationals

Amaia Barajas

April 9, 2018

After qualifying for Nationals, the quiz bowl has continued Tuesday practices after-school and included more challenging questions, according to advisor Peter Dangerfield. “We’re not really doing anything out of the ordinary due to the format of nationals, which is extremely similar to the f...

Quiz Bowl raises funds for Nationals

Students on quiz bowl study trivia during a meeting Feb. 28. The team qualified for Nationals.

David Bryant

April 5, 2018

With the exciting news of going to Nationals in Atlanta over Memorial Day weekend, junior Zoey Zachek said she was proud of her team's accomplishments despite having recently joined Quiz Bowl. “I only joined this year so I'm not as connected or seasoned, but I am very proud of the team. Some o...

Quizbowl heads to Atlanta

Quizbowl heads to Atlanta

Tjessa Arradondo

February 21, 2018

According to junior Quizbowl captain Danny Hunegs, he was surprised to see the team’s victory at the conference tournament. “The team's reaction was shocked because it was a conference tournament, so we didn't think it was a qualifier, and so it was a surprise to find out we qualified,” Huneg...

eSports moves on to nationals

Junior Alessandro Giannetti and sophomore Joseph Lindstrom participate in eSports practice Nov. 9.

Lukas Levin and Isaac Wahl

December 20, 2017

As sophomore Joseph Lindstrom’s Overwatch team launched to victory, he said he felt proud of his achievement. “I’m just having a good time with my team and getting that feeling  we are united. (We are) good at the game, the team can play well, we feel that we matter, we’re at a high position.” ...

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