Science classes come to a close

Students, teachers reflect on school year


Lucy zumBrunen

Lucy zumBrunnen

As the year comes to an end, senior Linsey Epstien reflects on her time spent in her science classes over the years.

“This year I took physics instead of biology. The physics class was more structured than the class I took last year,” Epstien said.

Epstien compared classes she took and her reasoning behind why she chose them over the years.

“Physics was a lot more logic based, it was a lot easier for me than biology because you used reasoning instead of memorizing terms,” Epstien said.

Epstein said science was one of her better classes throughout her high school experience.

“Science is probably one of my better classes because it’s not up to interpretation and usually has a strict answer,” Epstien said.

Sophomore Lauren Whiteman said this year in science very simliar to her other years.

“It wasn’t too hard because I’m good at math. So it was about the same this year because I understood the material,” Whiteman said.

As the year progresses, Whiteman explains she developed helpful skills to help her succeed in her science class.

“I made flashcards a few times and review packets to ensure I understood the terms well before a test,” Whiteman said.

Science teacher Patrick Hartman said his time as a science teacher has opened him up to challenges.

“This is my second year teaching IB Biology, and so that was a new challenge for me,” Hartman said.

As the years have progressed, Hartman said he has noticed growth in his students and has learned how to adapt his teaching style to their needs.

“I like to challenge my students, in a good way. I gave them more assingments this year they can be more independent with,” Hartman said

According to Hartman, curriculum in science will be changed in the following years. This allows for students to learn in a style that is more shapped to their needs.

“This is the last year the AP Environmental (Science) test will be in the same format. They’re changing things around a little to fit more,” Hartman said.