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MCA offers grade change opportunity for juniors

Juniors Raina Kronfeld and Sophie Yakes do their math work during class. The math department announced a new policy with the ability to increase students' grades in their current math class if they meet or exceed the standards of the MCA.

Maria Perez Barriga

March 7, 2020

With hopes of motivating students to take the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments, head of the math department Elizabeth Huesing said the new policy could help increase the math grades for students who exceeded or met the standards set in place by the test.   Students in Advanced Algebra who meet the ...

Question whiteboard sparks dialogue

Senior Michael Ramirez picks Pepsi over Coke on the white board Nov. 18 outside of A308. Chemistry teacher Alexander Polk asks a new question on the board each day.

Colin Canaday

December 9, 2019

Walking through the A3 hallway, students are greeted each day with questions ranging from how do you pronounce “caramel” to preference between Pepsi and Coke products. These questions, created by teacher Alexander Polk, are intended to help engage students, according to Polk. “(It allows student...

Conference on climate change creates impact

Dr. Richard Alley, the Evan Pugh Professor of Geosciences at Penn State University, gives a speech about proof of climate change at the 2019 Nobel Conference. The 55th annual Nobel Conference had a theme of

Samantha Klepfer

October 25, 2019

As the day wound to a close for the Park coalition at this year’s Nobel Conference: Climate Changed, science teacher Al Wachutka reflected on what he learned from the experience.  “Even though I think (I see climate change in) a broad sense, because I do see the social connections, the political...

Science classes come to a close

Science classes come to a close

Lucy zumBrunnen

June 7, 2019

As the year comes to an end, senior Linsey Epstien reflects on her time spent in her science classes over the years. “This year I took physics instead of biology. The physics class was more structured than the class I took last year,” Epstien said. Epstien compared classes she took and her re...

Scientific study exceeds expectations

Scientific study exceeds expectations

Ruby Stillman

May 9, 2019

The day I went around school sticking a thermometer in the air, a lot of people gave me some skeptical looks, even after I explained it was for a scientific study. Running around with a thermometer might not seem significant, but it was beyond meaningful to me. Dr. Michael Sheterensis, my bio...

New science teacher brings fresh perspective to Park

New teacher Sophie Sigel explains an activity to her class Feb. 8. After teaching in Taiwan last semester, Sigel started this semester as a tutor and biology teacher.

Maggie Klaers and Ruthie Posada

February 18, 2019

Sophie Sigel, the science department’s newest member, will be teaching biology classes this semester. “I am doing some tutoring for English and science in the mornings, and I also teach biology,” Sigel said. According to one of Sigel’s biology students, junior Karie Chula, Sigel’s optim...

New physics student teacher starts career at Park

Student teacher Samantha Kamal explains a physics problem to senior Anand Datt Jan. 14. Kamal will be helping out around the physics classes.

Kate Schneider

January 22, 2019

Student teacher Samantha Kamal said she got her start in physics through her lifelong passion for astronomy. She started on her path toward becoming a physics teacher when she discovered physics was a requirement to pursue her interest in astronomy. “I really liked astronomy, when I was really young. I liked le...

New science teacher promotes a welcoming environment

Teacher Stephanie Diamond prepares  for her classes throughout the day. Diamond teaches biology and environmental science.

Isaac Wahl

January 19, 2019

The newest addition to the science department, Stephanie Diamond, who teaches environmental science and biology, said right off the bat Park gave her a sense of community that sparked her initial interest to apply. “I think Park has a really strong, close-knit community that everyone’s kind of...

Technovations club adds two new teams

Junior Zoe Younger and senior Sidney Hosfield discuss app ideas at Technovation's first meeting of the year on Jan. 9. Club members will develop an app and present to a panel of judges in May.

Maria Perez-Barriga

January 17, 2019

Technovations this year has two more additional teams than last year, which means more apps will be developed, according to adviser Mark Miller. According to Miller, Technovations had its first meeting Jan. 9, and 15 girls attended. “Two (girls) have contacted me that they couldn’t make it,...

Park science department seeks donations

Science teacher Alexander Polk makes an announcement during his fifth hour class. He teaches tenth grade chemistry.

Gabriel Kaplan

November 4, 2018

In order to cover the cost of extra lab materials and other equipment, the science department has resorted to asking the Park community for support, according to department head Patrick Hartman. “A lot of our science supplies cost a lot of money. To do some of the labs that we do, we spend a fai...

Health professionals explain science behind birth control methods

Senior SHEC president Philip Djerf leads a discussion on sexual education topics, including contraception.

Izzy Leviton

November 21, 2017

According to health teacher Amy Pieper-Berchum, she believes it is important that Park teaches about birth control so students can make informed decisions when it comes to sexual activity. “I think the knowledge is extremely important because we have a comprehensive sexual health education prog...

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