Dungeons, dragons and discussions

Club creates friendships


Tobias Khabie

Senior Logan Woida prepares his game setup during a Dungeons & Dragons club meeting Nov. 15. The club appeals to many students as it fosters a unique community.

Sophia Curran-Moore

During Dungeons and Dragons club, a science classroom becomes replete with chatter and laughter. According to senior Aaron Cox, the club is a great way to mingle.

“(Dungeons and Dragons) is a fun way to socialize. You can negotiate to get more power in the game,” Cox said. “It’s a fun game. The players are having fun.”

Dungeon and Dragons club adviser Dan Ruzek said the game provides students with unique social opportunities unavailable to them during school.

“It helps (students) tap into that creativity and tap into that social interaction they don’t get in school. They can try to be someone they’re not necessarily, or somebody they aspire to,” Ruzek said.

It helps (students) tap into that creativity and tap into that social interaction they don’t get in school.

— Dan Ruzek

Freshman Adam Bendickson said Dungeons and Dragons was easy to learn because the club members helped him.

“I’ve been playing since Oct. 18,” Bendickson said. “It wasn’t hard to learn. They taught me how. I also read a lot beforehand.”

Freshman Ian Bautist, a more experienced player, said playing the game in a large group makes it more fun.

“I’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons for a couple of years now, and I find it pretty entertaining, especially with a lot of other people,” Bautist said. “It lets you do some character development. High elf sorcerer is my favorite character.”

Bendickson said the flexibility of the storyline makes the game more fun, and often humorous.

“There’s story, action and characters. It’s an all-around good time,” Bendickson said. “Sometimes, we come across a gnoll that’s really silly. We’ll make fun of it the entire time and we derail the story a bit.”

Ruzek said the game is enjoyable because it is unpredictable and requires problem-solving.

“It’s really fun because it’s never the same game twice. You get to be creative. You get to do a little roll-playing,” Ruzek said. “You have to solve things in a way that’s never been done before. Improvisation, planning and character building (are) a lot of fun.”

Dungeons and Dragons club enters a mythical world at 3:30 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays in room A305.