Take time from work and go for a bike ride

Biking can help you stay active, mentally healthy 


Harris Keekley

At times like these when we have to stay inside because of COVID-19, it’s important to keep moving while also maintaining a good mental state as we wait in isolation. A great way to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy  is by going for a bike ride. 

When on a bike ride, you can listen to music, get a breath of fresh air and relax, or maybe listen to a new artist or album you like. There is a certain feeling of excitement and adventure you get when you are exploring the world. That feeling can help you stay positive and feel refreshed.

Some great routes for going on bike rides are the Cedar Lake Trail or Midtown Greenway, or even just going around a lake near you. Bike wherever you would like to go rather than staying at home. 

Another wonderful thing about biking is that you have a chance to see people while remaining a safe distance from them. When you’re trapped in the same place for a long period of time, it’s easy to get bored. So by going outside and seeing other people, even when you aren’t interacting with them, makes these times less isolating. 

Biking is not only good for mental health but also physical health. When biking, you are working out your legs and getting the blood flowing rather than just sitting in your room.

If planning on going on a bike ride, it is extremely important to exercise caution. Wearing a helmet is a must, as well as making sure you have a water bottle and lights (if planning on biking in the dark). It is also crucial to stay away from busy roads and be cautious around all drivers. Most importantly, is to stay within social distancing limits of everyone.