Jewish Studies club looking to continue cultural and religious teachings

Hannah Hein, Design Editor

Students of all religions invited to learn about Jewish culture

For the Jewish Studies club the new school year brings expectations of the continuation of religious teachings and cultural experiences

Sophomore Brita Hunegs said she joined Jewish Studies because she heard it was a fun and interesting club. She said she likes to hear what Rabbi Aryeh Cohen has to say.

“It is nice for the large number of Jewish kids to learn about their own culture but also for students of other religions to learn about a different culture than theirs,” Hunegs said.

Senior studies leader Oren Shapiro said he hopes new students will come to the meetings this year.

“Students should join because it’s such a unique and special experience and opportunity,” he said.
Shapiro, like Hunegs, attributes the positive experience to the teachings of Rabbi Cohen.
“He really knows how to connect with teenagers,” Shapiro said. “He is able to show us how the Torah and Judaism as a whole can touch us everyday and how it actually does matter and influence our lives.”
New members can come to meetings every Tuesday after school in Mrs. Norris’ room, C351.

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