For Singers, quantity boosts quality

Grace Steffenhagen, Entertainment editor

The Park Singers have seen an increase in their participants, even with an earlier start time.

Zero hour, the fifty minutes before class starts on Tuesdays and Thursdays, has proved more packed than before, according to senior Maddie Peterson.
“We have a lot of more people than before, and it’s really helping our sound as a group,” Peterson said.
New singers, most from the choir, are joining the group permanently or drifting between choir and the Singers. Peterson said this may be due to the fact that their spring musical has been decided.
“Les Miserables is a really popular musical, and it should be great with the more people we have,” Peterson said.
According to Peterson, the Singers are focusing on rehearsing and getting vocals where they need to be.
Peterson is also in choir, which is trying something new this year. For their winter concert, they will be seated in a semi-circle and singing, rather than the traditional raised platforms. This is supposed to give the feel of an opera or more serious concert, Peterson said.
“It should be interesting, because we’ve never done something like this before,” Peterson said.