Show to celebrate diversity

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Show to celebrate diversity

Kadija Charif

Kadija Charif

Kadija Charif

Ivy Kaplan, Staff Writer

Cultural variety emphasized in new student show

From African beadwork, to tea ceremonies in Japan, to Cinco de Mayo in Mexico, our world is full of distinct cultural traditions.

Students can embrace their own cultural traditions and heritages, as well as learning about others, in the upcoming program “A Mosaic of Rich Culture.” The program will give students the opportunity to share their cultures and customs with others who may not be aware of them.

Media Center staff member Danya Castro, producer of the performance, said she was inspired by the program’s impact on students at previous schools where she had worked. This gave her the idea to introduce the program at Park.

“I had done it before at another high school, so I wanted to bring that here,” Castro said. “I think sharing your culture and your ethnicity is very important to others.”

Senior Kira Hotaling said she decided to participate to show others the cultural diversity within the school.

“I chose to participate in the multicultural performance because I saw the chance to represent my own culture, which is Indian,” Hotaling said. “I don’t think many cultures get much acknowledgement.”

According to Castro, one of the aspects the Mosaic of Cultures performance will address is the negligence of many students regarding cultural awareness.

“I think students are so ignorant of other people’s cultures. There is a lot that needs to be done,” Castro said.

Junior Tenzin Lhanze said she thinks many students are unaware of others’ cultures, and as a result, students’ ethnicities are generalized. This can lead to racial stereotyping, and can be frustrating to students.

“When people see Asians, they consider them Chinese, as well as Somalians, Mexicans and even whites,” Lhanze said.

According to Hotaling, the show will involve both educational elements and entertainment for viewers, including traditional dancing, a guest speaker, a poem, a world drumming performance and a fashion show to entertain students as they watch.

“Mosaic of Cultures will give students the opportunity to see other cultures in more ways than just grazing over them in a textbook,” Hotaling said.

Mosaic of Cultures will take place during third and sixth periods on May 23. Students interested in participating should see Danya Castro in the Media Center for more information.

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