Homecoming hits record turnout

Attendees packed in new space

Adah Koivula

Senior Student Council co-president Jessica Schmidt attended her last homecoming dance, and said it was memorable because the turnout was the biggest since her freshman year.

“Being a senior, I am a little biased but it was really nice to have such a good closing to homecoming. It was nice to see Student Council’s work go into the dance and be appreciated.” Schmidt said.  

Student Council adviser Sarah Lindenberg said many of the people who attended seemed to enjoy themselves, including the staff.

“The students seemed to have fun and the staff chaperones had a lot of fun too,” Lindenberg said.

Schmidt said a big adjustment Student Council wanted to make was the music.

“In the past, Student Council has made a playlist for the DJ and then the DJ won’t play it. But this year, the new DJ played our playlist and took requests which helped make the students feel involved,” Schmidt said.

Lindenberg said there were also changes to the venue, which moved to a new banquet space on the fourth floor rotunda of Mall of America. Student Council included a few other detail oriented changes, according to Lindenberg.

“We added a few extra perks to the ticket like a photo booth and drinks on the tables.” Lindenberg said.

In previous years, the turnout was lacking, but Schmidt said Student Council sold nearly 650 dance tickets.

Freshman Alyssa Hampton said the new venue was crowded, especially with the amount of students in attendance.

“It was very packed,” Hampton said. “It was a lot of people dancing really close together.”

Hampton said despite the close quarters, she enjoyed her first high school homecoming dance.

“Everybody dancing made me want to dance and everyone was having a good time,” Hampton said. “I have no regrets going.”