Final blood drive of the year to occur

Council answers Memorial Blood Centers’ call for help


Harrison Barden

The Memorial Blood Centers’ Bloodmobile will be parked outside the C1 doors until 1 p.m. Students wanting to donate blood can sign up in the lunchroom during their lunch.

Adah Koivula

Student Council will host their final blood drive of the year this week, according to Student Council adviser Sarah Lindenberg.

“It is a smaller drive because it is on the Bloodmobile. It will be parked outside of the C1 doors,” Lindenberg said.



Lindenberg said the Memorial Blood Center contacted her saying they were in need of donations.

“They are particularly short this year, so we agreed to host a drive. We are hoping to provide another way for the students to give back,” Lindenberg said.

Junior Student Council president Megan Aune said donating is a great way for students to help the community. She said the Council has hosted more blood drives than usual this year because of a blood shortage.

“High school students are great candidates because we are in such good health and are able to do more things like give “double reds” and things like that,” Aune said. “We have had more (blood drives) this year to really help give the Memorial Blood Center more assistance.”

The drive takes place May 21 from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Aune said to donate, students must be 16 years old with a waiver, or 17 years old and have a photo ID.

To donate, sign up in the lunchroom.