Robotics looks to grow program

Club aims to fundraise for competitions

Genesis Buckhalton and Nicole Sanford

Junior robotics club captain George Hare points at different areas of the robot, explaining to new members how each part works and what it takes to build their own robot at the robotics club meeting Sept. 6.

Hare said the team is split into two groups: business and engineering.

“The business side handles fundraising, working with our local business partners, posting to social media and updating the website,” Hare said. “Our engineering side deals with spending the money and designing the robot.”

Adviser Trevor Paulson said the meeting was an introduction to the basics of Robotics club.

“We introduced them to the four categories: design, drafting and drawing aspect of it, the building components of the robot — electrical, pneumatics, mechanical building structure — programming and coding to make the robot run and the business side,” Paulson said.

Hare said everyone is welcome on the team whether or not they have experience and the captains are ready to teach new members.screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-9-10-08-am

“Our theory is the less experience you have, the less bad habits you have to unlearn,” Hare said. “Anyone with any level of inexperience or experience can show up and we will more than happily train them in or show them how we do things.”

Paulson said their main goals this year include doing more fundraising and getting sponsorships.

“We want to expand, so instead of competing at one event, we want to compete at two. Then, it would require travel, hotel, etc. plus the cost of competing,” Paulson said. “Last year was our first year where we started building two robots, so instead of building one we have double the materials which incorporates a larger cost.”

The next Robotics meeting will take place on Sept. 13 after school in room B114.