Quizbowl fundraiser for Nationals

Team looks to lower the cost for participants heading to Atlanta

Amaia Barajas

Junior captain Ayanna Nathan said for Quizbowl to be able to attend Nationals, they need all the help they can get.

“Getting funds is really important for us because Nationals is crazy expensive. Park is better than (other schools) that make students pay all the fees. We charge the school for our fees, but still the individual is upon us,” Nathan said.

According to adviser Peter Dangerfield, the Quiz Bowl team chose Chipotle as their fundraiser location because it’s a fan favorite.

“Chipotle makes it relatively simple because you want to go somewhere easy that people enjoy eating and will go to. Chipotle is obviously a favorite between all age groups,” Dangerfield said.

According to Nathan, the team is expecting more people to attend the fundraiser because of the larger team they have attending Nationals.

“We’re definitely expecting a good turn out, because everyone likes Chipotle and we have a really big team this year so if everybody can bring in two or three people that could be 60 people minimum,” Nathan said.

Dangerfield said the purpose of the fundraiser is so team members won’t have to pay the full price of trip.

“Right now the main goal is to keep everybody’s cost down, so what it will do is go into the large pot that everybody pays into,” Dangerfield said. “Then all the expenses, hotel rooms, flights and such are paid out of that pot.”

According to Dangerfield, the process of getting your money to the Quiz Bowl fund is a simple process.

“I believe you can just show them a picture on your phone or just say you would like to support the Quiz Bowl,” Dangerfield said.

Nathan said,  people choose to support the Quiz Bowl team by visiting Chipotle between 5-9 p.m. May 21.

“If you go and say you’re here to support Park Quiz Bowl a portion of the proceeds will go to us and our budget,” Nathan said.